The Journey Begins

There are two forces operating within our world; one is darkness, and one is light. Darkness often masquerades as light, coming to deceive and tempt us.  This epic battle is as old as time, and goes back to the garden of Eden. God had one way planned for humanity and required our ultimate obedience. It is through that obedience and walk with God that keeps us close to him and our feet from slipping. We are always offered what is forbidden, and that apple doesn’t look bad; in fact, it looks beautiful, shiny, and sweet. It appeals to our human appetite. It appears GOOD! But as we bite into it, we are being destroyed, and suffer separation from God. We have been warned that the way is narrow and few will find it. We as humans are searching for meaning, but apart from God’s true light, we stumble in darkness. There are many different spiritual paths, littered with lies, but one is often overlooked because we have an enemy that has made sure to blind our sight.

Follow me on my journey from the spiritual blindness of the new age, yoga, occult, and mysticism, to the path that you will find when you seek, and knock. This is the path to truth, to God’s marvelous light……..this is the path to finding JESUS!

Thanks for following me on this journey! This is a personal blog that will be connected to a book I’m writing about my testimony from new age to Christ, and then my time spent in a New Apostolic Reformation Church, which became eerily similar to the new age I had just left. God has remained faithful through it all, and it is His word that I cling to.

“I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will

have the light of

life”. –JOHN 8:12


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